Thursday, July 19, 2007

SET Asia’s Indian Idol 3’s star guest of the 4th Gala Rounds to be Govinda

SET Asia’s Indian Idol will feature Govinda on the fourth Gala round which will be telecast on July 20th. Govinda will be shown offering his advice to the top ten contestants of the show Indian Idol 3 and he would encourage them in chasing their dream of becoming the next Indian Idol. The Star guest of Indian Idol 3, Govinda danced on Ankita’s song one song being “Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo Bijali Khadi Yahan Bijali Khadi”.

Last Saturday at first the
recap of the previous episode was shown. The show Indian Idol 3 started with a bang and ended with thunderous applause for Amit Paul who outdid himself with his performance Yeh Pyaar Ka Nasha Hai... from the Aamir Khan starrer, Mann. Javed Akhtar was back on the show, he told that that Annu Mallik has all the rights to scold Emon as there was a great expectation from him. Next Mini asked other contestant about Emon’s over confidence for which Puja, Abhishek, Chang and Amit’s answered that he is not at all over confident.

A clipping was shown about what the audience thought about Annu’s remarks, all of them were of the view that Emon is one of the most talented participants in
Indian Idol 3 and thought that Annu Mallik was wrong. Then came the result part Charu, Parleen and Smita were in the danger zone. Charu was declared safe. Judges were asked whom they thought should be out, for that three judges Annu Mallik, Alisha Chenoy and Javed Akhtar thought that Parleen must be out. Udit Narayan thought that it should be Smita.

The hosts of
Indian Idol 3 aired on Sony Entertainment Television Asia announced that Smita is that unfortunate one who is out of Indian Idol 3. Smita was calm and collected when she heard her verdict. She sang a song which was composed by her father. Don’t miss Indian Idol 3 telecast on Sony entertainment Television Asia every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9:00 pm.

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