Monday, July 23, 2007

Indian Idol 3: SET Asia’s most popular Television Show

The competition is getting tougher with each coming week on Indian Idol 3, the music talent show aired on SET Asia. The contestants have to prove themselves by singing both slow and fast numbers, as it would show their voice range. Puja kick-started the show with a superb performance followed by every other contestants. Ankita made Govinda to dance to her tunes. The show on Friday ended by showing the performance of the Indian Idol 3 contestants on ‘you are my love’ from the film Partner. The number of girls for the title of Indian Idol ‘Bharat Ki Shaan’ seems to be deteriorating with yet another girl being eliminated.

On the Indian Idol 3 episode telecast on July 19, the third roobaroo the contestants were shown complaining that they were always singing and don’t get to play games for that Mini tells them the format of a game. Abhishek was asked to pick one name who talks like basanti from the three options given and after seeing whom he would say haayee basanti. Deepali got the title. After that a lot of funny questions were asked to the contestants of Indian Idol 3.

Prashant got a lot of appreciation when he came in sepoy uniform and sang ‘Hum bolega toe bologe ki bolta hai’. Javed Akthar was to take special class for the contestant’s of
SET Asia’s Indian Idol so as to improve their pronunciation. Next, clipping of Emon, Parleen and Deepali’s visit to the India Gate was shown. The contestant’s visit to Hyderabad and the performance that they showcased there was shown. While the Indian Idol 3 finalists were in Kolkata, Prashant took them to the Police Academy and they performed in the orchestra room.

A game was played with the contestants of
Indian idol 3 in which whoever wins get to go out on a dinner with their favourite contestant, and the boys won the dinner with Deepali. Lastly the contestants were shown rehearsing with their trainee’s Atul and Ajay. Watch your favourite reality talent hunt show Indian Idol 3 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television Asia.

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