Friday, June 8, 2007

Indian Idol 3: The Talent Hunt Show’s Piano Round on SET Asia

The reality show Indian Idol 3 telecast on Sony Entertainment Television Asia gives the public an opportunity to chase their dreams and the power to make a talented contestant “Indian Idol” – Bharat Ki Shaan. Indian Idol 3 is a made-for –television –phenomenon that combines drama and reality with music, glamour, thrill and humour.

From the 14 boys Roshan and Bharat were eliminated. On June 5th Mini hosted the
show, she asked the judges whom they thought should go from among the girls. According to Javed saab it was Priyanka, Shifa and Vartika, and for Udit it was Vartika, Vanita and Ankita. Vartika, Vanita and priyanka was the choice of Alisha. Annu judged the contestants by watching them on TV, Vanita, deepali, smita and charu were praised by Annu Maliik and he wasn’t impressed with the performance of Vartika, Priyanka etc. The gals were asked to vote out the one whom they thought dosen’t sang well. But the footage was a shocking one as the gals were back-bitting instead of voting out. Aisha and Priyanka got eliminated.

After the break when Hussain was about to invite Suhit to perform, Alisha came in instead of Suhit in his costume and sang “
Made in India” in Suhit’s style. When the boys performance got over javed saab thought that Suhit, Rehan and Shantanu must go, and Udit thought Rehan, Anish and Padmanav must go. According to Alisha, Amit, Padmanav and Abhishek were the people who didn’t perform well. Rehan, Anish and Padmanav were not good according to Annu Maliik. Shockingly Shantanu Sudame was among one of the boys who got eliminated with Anish Jain and Padmanav Bordoloi.

In the next round of
Indian idol, the performance of Top 9 girls began with Mini as the host. She asked Abhishek Kumar about his strategy for the next performance, for that he answered “to remember the lyrics”. He forgot some lyrics in his yesterday’s performance and was completely down after that. Stay tuned to know who all have survived.

The idea behind Indian Idol 3 is to give the youngsters a platform and exposure that they never had before. Viewers, you will have to decide the next
Indian Idol- Bharat Ki Shaan it entirely depends on your vote so please vote genuinely, choose the right one who sings well.

To Vote

SMS to 2525

Call 1902424252 XX (xx – contestant number) from BSNL/MTNL landlines-Tele-voting

Call 5052525 XX (xx-contestant number) from Mobile/Airtel landline-IVR

Call 1255525(BSNl/MTNL)-IVR

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newsguy said...

Great show folks. Almost lost our sleep thinking who would go out and who would still tune in. Thanks to Sony TV.

My favorite is Prashant - One cool dude, no formal training, but can sing like a nightingale, be it classical or other.

I like Emon too, but like Alisha said yesterday, he is too much like Sonu Nigam. Sonu Nigam reached where he is today because its his own style (though some Kishore Kumar hints are there), but our Emon talks, walks, sings and even acts like Sonu. Indian Idol should be something unique and not a replica of someone. He lacks originality, though sings well. He should change his overall singing style and character and be something unique.

Deepali and Charu seems fine singers to me. Smita is too much Bengali accent oriented, and the song "Its the time to Disco" seemed like a Bengali song - anyways, she sings well, just her accent.

Some of my inputs and hope its fine.