Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Second level of Theatre Round of Indian Idol 3 on SET Asia

For Indian Idol 3, about 25,000 participants were auditioned from all over the world, and 123 of them were selected for the Theatre Round. From its first round 66 contestants were short listed instead of 60, because this year there is a rise in the number of talented people participating in Indian Idol 3.

The episode on May 25, 2007 showcased some marvelous singing, fresh talents, bonding and friendship between the contestants, which is the speciality of Indian Idol. The competition will get tougher in the next round of the
Theatre Round as the contestants have to perform live with talented musicians for the first time. Syncronisation between the contestants divided into groups of two and three will be the key to success in this week’s episode.

There is a lot of anxiety, fear and suspence in the atmosphere as the contestants prepare for their
duet round.

The episode had some
interesting moments which include the conflict between Richa and Prashant. It seems that they both have a tough time ahead as Richa is not willing to practice with Prashant. Uma and Maya were late for Round 2 also. The pairs Suhit Gosain and Charu Semwal were brilliant back stage but when they were on stage charu forgot her lines, Suhit tried his best but in vain. In great disappointment Suhit blamed Charu, at that point Mini cooled them down and got them sign the peace treaty. Saswata Battacharjee was over excited and he faints on stage. The most popular Jodis of Indian Idol 3 include Meiyang Chang and Aisha Saye and Harshida and Padmanav.

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