Thursday, May 24, 2007

Indian Idol 3: Theater Rounds on Sony Entertainment Television Asia

Indian Idol 3 has finally come to Mumbai. 123 contestants have been short listed by the judges. The next round in Indian Idol 3 is the theater rounds, it has two sessions. 60 people will be chosen out of 123 in the first session and 28 people will be selected from 60 in the second session. After the theater round the next stage is the public voting stage.

reality show Indian Idol 3’s third episode started off with showing all the different auditioned cities. The contestants were arriving from different parts of the world to Mumbai. One of contestant Sreeju was seen upset, because his roommate Chirag was missing and he wasn’t able to get into his room. After an hour Chirag returned and asked for forgiveness, they both shook their hands and were friends once again.

The contestants were given a Cruise party. Some of the participants stayed behind to get themselves ready for the
auditions. Next morning, Hussain knocked at the doors of the contestants who were late and asked all of them to run downstairs. All the contestants were excited and they rushed into the bus to go to the theatre hall. At the venue the judges’ javed Akhtar and Annu Maliik were having some discussions about the next round.

theatre rounds are held at the National Centre for Performing Art. Out of the 123 contestants, 77 are females and 53 of them are males. Thirty people from each gender will be selected and from that 14 people will be picked from each gender. Alisha was late, the other judge’s clapped at her entry and she apologized for being late.

theatre round began, and the first batch of girls leaded by Richa went on stage and sang. Richa Aneja, Rajasi Vaidya and Rani Hazarika got selected. From the next batch of boys leaded by Rehan Khan, he and Sreeju got selected. From the next batch of girls Uma was missing. The latecomers Uma and Maya had to perform alone, Annu Maliik was seen angry on them. They both were asked to go out without telling their judgement. They both were worried and Uma couldn’t stop crying. Suhit and Shantanu got selected from the next batch of 10 boys. After sometime Uma and Maya were called back for their result, they both got selected. From the next batch of boys Emon, Parleen and Meiyang got selected. Emon was very happy and gave his mother a big hug.

Top 60 contestants have been chosen. The judges decided the Male-Male, Female-Female and Male-Female pairs are selected by the judge’s. Now they will have to sing duets, which the judge’s ask them to.

Richa wasn’t happy with her partner Prashant. The
show ended with all the contestants practicing with their partners.

In the next week we can see who all have made it to the top 28, so stay tuned to catch the piano round only on
Sony Entertainment Television Asia, every Friday and Saturday at 9:00 pm. Don’t miss Indian Idol 3!

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