Monday, April 16, 2007

Watch Kutumb on SET Asia Online with JumpTV

Drama Serial: Kutumb on SET Asia

Kutumb is the story of Pratham and Gauri. Pratham is a spoilt, egotistical tyrant, while Gauri is equally strong and self-willed. There could never be two persons more different from each other. If there is anything similar between the two, it is their intense dislike of each other! But then, something happens that leaves everyone shell-shocked! Gauri and Pratham end up getting married! Pratham hates her free spirit and is determined to teach her a terrible lesson in humility! The spirited Gauri rises to the bitter challenge her weapons being her values, determination, honesty, and inherent simplicity.

Will Pratham succeed in humiliating Gauri, or will she teach him a lesson instead? Will Gauri ever find love and acceptance in this
powerful family? Will acceptance and love ever bloom?

Kutumb is telecast from Mon-Thur: 11pm. Watch Kutumb on SET Asia Online with JumpTV for as low as US $12.50/month.

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