Friday, March 23, 2007

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Virrudh- Coming soon on SonyTV

Virrudh brings to prime time television a clash of the titans. The story revolves around the life and dilemmas of Vasudha, a daughter torn between her father she worships, and the man she loves.

Dhirnedra Rai Singhania (Vikram Gokhle) is Vasudha’s (Smriti Irani) manipulative father. He has various business interests but his passion is the newspaper business he runs called Daink Darpan. He is a power hungry control freak. He is portrayed as a media baron who controls opinions and has political connections.

Vasudha loves her father but does not like his manipulative nature and the fact that he can go to any lengths to get his own way.He also is the head of a dysfunctional family who is against him for one reason or the other. Vasudha is portrayed as the ideal daughter who looks upto her father and also helps him run his business. She is the Indira Gandhi to his Nehru. She is respectful, sincere and dedicated to him. She is in love and wants to marry Sushant the newspapers star chief editor. There is some sort of misunderstanding between Vasudha and Sushant, which results in Vasudha leaving her father and going off to London.

Life takes a complete U turn for her and circumstances force her to come back ... she then comes back and becomes all that she never wanted to become...................Her father.

Virrudh stars Smriti Irani, Vikram Gokhale, Sushant Singh and others.

Director: Santram Verma

Starting from March 26th. Don't miss it...................

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