Saturday, March 31, 2007

Watch Cricket Star on SET Asia Online with JumpTV

Talent Hunt for young cricketer’s: Cricket Star on SET Asia

Cricket Star is a unique, interactive, multimedia talent hunt for the world's best young cricketer(s). Cricket Star's passion, drama and energy will capture the hearts and minds of millions of viewers who will follow the unravelling story on television, across the Internet and through their mobile phones. The winner earns an international celebrity status and secures a professional playing contract with a top County Cricket Club in England in addition to an attractive cash prize.

The journey began in December, when eager young cricketers in India apply via telephone to be part of the selection process. A nationwide application and screening process then led to a short-list of talented candidates being invited to appear at auditions in one of twelve regional centres where they were assessed by celebrity cricket judges, who selected the final group of 23 lads to attend the Cricket Star Academy.

The Cricket Star Academy began in Jan 2007, where the successful finalists will spend up to 11 weeks under the watchful eye of a panel of cricket legends and current Indian Test and ODI stars. The performance of the finalists will be judged on the basis of weekly cricket matches (Twenty20 Format), range of mental and physical tests, as well as a series of cricketing challenges to test their ability.

The show includes all the latest technological innovations in cricket analysis. But it won't be just about cricket: the coverage will also uncover the candidates' human sides, portraying life at the academy, the interaction between the hopefuls, and insights into their passion for the game. The final selection will be informed by millions of television viewers voting by phone or by text.

Host: Ajay Jadega, Sweta Salve

Cricket Star is telecast on SET Asia from Mon-Fri at 7pm. People in US and Canada can watch Cricket Star Online with JumpTV for as low as US $ 12.50/month.

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In the episode "Brides and Murders" several "DVD's" are played. But all the discs are marked CD-R. Care should be taken in small detail.!!