Friday, February 9, 2007

Watch Karamchand on SonyTV online via JumpTV


The popular detective series of the 80's is back on SonyTV with a new look...... Starting from February 10th............................

‘Karamchand’ first came onto television back in the ‘80’s making waves in the small screen. Being one of India’s very first detective series it gathered a massive fan following and went on to receive cult status. Same old Karamchand, is back on SonyTV with a all new look. Some of the things that contributed to the success of the serial were brilliant performances, plots that connect with the masses and the stunning characterization chalked out by the director that make detective Karamchand and his side kick Kitty both vivid and irreplaceable.

Detective Karamchand is a delightful mix of humour and logic. Unlike most other detectives, he doesn’t rely on high tech gadgets or forensics to solve his cases. He instead looks into his cases from a different perspective and uses methods of deduction and logic. He is aided by Kitty, a glamorous but ditsy assistant. They solve the cases based on Karamchand’s quirky deductions, and sometimes a stroke of luck as well.

An interesting facet to Karamchand’s characterization is the fact that he keeps chewing carrots all the time, especially when he’s thinking… and somewhere subtly through the plots his genius is linked with the carrots, just the way Popeye’s strength comes from his spinach!

The talented Bollywood actor Panakj Kapur plays Karamchand and the series is directed by the veteran filmmaker Pankuj Parashar who is director of the original series too.

Telecasted every Saturday at 9 pm.

Catch the thrilling Karamchand series on SonyTV.

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