Saturday, February 3, 2007

Watch Durgesh Nandini on SonyTV online via JumpTV

Durgesh Nandini on SonyTV

Durgesh Nandini, a new serial on SonyTV, a light hearted drama series that truly represents the two extremes of our diverse country - the rustic countryside on one hand the modern, posh city life on the other. The story takes off when a millionaire business tycoon Dharamdas Shrivstava dies and makes a parentless girl called Durgesh Nandinii, who lives in a remote village – Lalgunj, the trustee of his entire fortune.

The news completely shocks his two sons and a daughter who had actually orchestrated the death of their father to acquire his entire property. The Shrivastava family is greatly vexed as Durgesh arrives in their bungalow with her family and cattle and sets up her own little village within their palatial house. From here on starts a fun-filled East-meets-West feud between the hoity-toity shahri babus and the bindaas, rustic, carefree Durgesh and her clan.

To find out what happens next, watch Durgesh Nandinii, Monday-Thursday, 10 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Nindi said...

Hi,your serial is full with zoom zoom,its not good for eyes.Normally all sony TV serials are too slow and show only 15min serial from 30 min,rest is full with add or zoom zoom for cover the serial time.So whole story is divided in little pieces(everyday 15min is nothing for big story).WE want 95% story and 5% add,otherwise no body like to watch any serial