Monday, January 8, 2007

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Aahat 3 -Thriller series on SonyTV

Everybody have been brought up on a diet of thrilling ghost stories since our childhood and no doubt everyone likes a good ghost story. The irony of a good ghost story is that we love to get scared. A good horror story is one which makes us watch it with closed eyes, steals our sleep for many nights, gives us a lump that one can’t swallow & above all it sends a killing chill through the spine. This is what Aahat – Dahshat ki teesri dastak has to offer to its viewer!! After successfully running for more than 250 episodes, the ever popular Horror show is back again with a new look, packed with double the thrill.

Aahat Dahshat ki teesri Dastak needless to say will be a hardcore horror show with show with sophisticated special effects, stunts, imaginative getups, outdoors locations & cameo castings. Every story would be in an episodic format of 1 hour. New Aahat – Dahshat ki teesri dastak will not follow any specific format of story telling the reason why every episode will be a surprise & every narration will be unique. The only things that would be constant are suspense, mystery & terror. Each story would focus on a larger than life villain (the evil power) with a protagonist. The show will cover the entire realm of supernatural – Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, zombies, haunted houses, ghost towns, possessed objects, witches & wizards, evil magicians, revenge stories, re incarnation stories, etc..

Telecasted every Saturday at 10:00 pm. Don't miss it.....

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