Friday, December 29, 2006

Watch Risshton Ki Dor on SET Asia via JumpTV

Drama Serial Risshton Ki Dor on SET Asia

Risshton Ki Dor is basically a story about a family and the oldest brother’s struggle to keep the family together after the supposed death of the father and the death of the mother. The Abhayankar family is composed of the parents, Sharad and Sharda, Suhas( the brother) , Subhangi, Tejaswini( Teju, the main girl) and mansi (manu, the youngest girl), twins.

Tehjaswini Abhaynkar is our leading lady, a young nurse who is studying medicine, and who will see her dreams in chaos when she falls in love with Rahul Raichand , a successful engineer. In spite of belonging to completely different worlds, circumstances will bring them together, and once they meet, their lives will forever be entwined. An unexpected and profound love will keep them fighting for each other, in spite of secrets, passions, intrigue and catastrophes which will take this relationship to the limits of bewildering emotions. tejaswini will see herself having to pick between the love and gratitude she feels for her oldest brother and the passionate love she feels for Rahul Raichand.

This is a story you live, not the type you narrate. A story that will intimately involve the viewer with its characters. It is not a story of external events that determine the action, but a story about life itself. It is full of profound feelings that will take our characters to confront and risk adventures never before thought could be possible. This is a journey that will take us inside the human spirit and its emotions.

It is telecast every Mon-Thur at 1.30pm.

Cast: Anuj Saxena,Sampada Vaze,Sheetal Thankkar
Director: Markand Adhikari
Producer: Gautam Adhikari, Markand Adhikari

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