Tuesday, December 19, 2006

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Kulvaddhu-Coming soon on SonyTV...........

SonyTV is all set to launch the last show of this year Kulvaddhu, a daily soap, set against the pageantry and rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Kulvaddhu is actor Anuj Saxena’s debut as a TV serial producer. With the launch of Kulvaddhu, SonyTV continues to give its viewers wholesome family entertainment that is fresh, innovative and original.Produced by Anuj Saxena's Maverick Productions, the big ticket show is being slotted in the 8.30 pm band.

Kulvaddhu is the story of Niyati, a sweet simple girl from a respectable family in Jodhpur .The story revolves around how Niyati's destiny brings her to the crossroads of holding the reigns of the Rathore family as the widowed Bahu of their only son and heir Shourya, while in actual reality she was not married legally to him. The show is about a young girl caught in a web of traditions and customs that forces her to shoulder responsibilities that is alien to her. Her struggle to live up to the traditions she is trapped in, and her attempt to break free forms the crux of the story."

The story of Kulvaddhu begins with Niyati, an young and simple small-town girl, who comes to Mumbai to attend the wedding of Rajveer Rathore only to find herself caught in a bizarre situation. Instead of being the guest at the wedding, she finds herself engaged to a childhood friend Shourya. Before she can adjust to the situation, she lands up as the widow of the guy she hasn’t married. “Destiny plays a very important role in the life of the protagonist. The daughter-in-law is the last entry in the family and how her entry affects the destiny of the entire family and the very name Niyati itself is very synonymous with destiny/luck. What does destiny have in store for Niyati? Will she ever be able to reveal the truth to the family which dotes on her?

Starting from December 25 at 8.30 pm..........

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