Monday, December 11, 2006

Kkusum -Watch on SonyTV online via JumpTV

‘Kkusum’, a serial telecasting on SonyTV epitomizes the values and virtues of the Indian woman who puts the well being of the family before self and stands up for her principles. Its the story of a woman whose upbringing has instilled strong middle class values in her and has taught her to be strong willed, self respecting and at the same time loving and caring. Married in a rich family, Kkusum loses her child due to a miscarriage. Desperate to give the family an heir she brings in Mahi to be the surrogate mother. Due to various misunderstandings, Kkusum is forced to leave the Kapoor house and is shocked when she realises that she is pregnant.

Kkusum dedicates the next eighteen years to bring up her daughter Kumud and inculcate in her the idealistic values she has held close to heart herself. Meanwhile, Kkusum’s husband Abhay brings up his daughter Kali with Mahi’s help. Amidst all the doting over and pampering Kali grows up to be a spoilt brat. Kali forces Abhay to get married to Mahi.

Destiny brings Kkusum and Abhay face to face, but its too late. Kali and Kumud go through their youth abhoring each other, and fall in love with Garv and Ksitij. Their fates cross paths when Kumud ends up marrying Garv instead of Kshitij. Kkusum watches helplessly as Kali tries to woo Garv back and Kumud tries to save her married life. The two half sisters come to loggerheads again and this time, Kkusum decides to take charge of the situation.

Telecasted (Mondays-Thursdays) at 9.00 pm.

Kkusum stars Mansi Joshi, Anuj Saxena, Aashka Goradia, Rucha Gujrathi, Manoj Vohra, Chetan Hansraj, Amit Sareen, Poonam Narula, Savita Prabhune, Shweta Kwatra.

Directed by Santosh kohle & Rajeev Bhatia.

Watch it on SonyTV online via JumpTV.

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Harnisha said...

I want to watch kkusum from the beginning where can I do that?