Monday, December 4, 2006

Aisa Des Hai Mera - Watch Online via JumpTV

Aisa Des Hai Mera, the gripping tale of a London-based girl, Rusty, who is drawn towards the facets of Punjabi Indian Culture, ultimately taking her to the roots where she really belongs ………

Rusty is the only daughter of John and Linda, an upper middle class white family residing in England. Yet in all her growing up years, Rusty is inexplicably drawn to many facets of the Punjabi Indian culture even in London. The music fascinates her, the aroma of spices, the fabric and the dresses, the colors everything seems to have some kind of meaning to her though she cannot not explain why. One
day Rusty comes to know that, she is a half-Indian and John is actually her stepfather. Linda had once been married to Randheer-a Sikh and Rusty is their daughter. After that their marriage disintegrated and Randheer requested Linda to raise Rusty without telling her about her Indian origins.

Rusty hence decides to go to Punjab to search for some explanation to the primeval pull that she feels. There Rusty falls in love with a boy, who is not just Punjabi but from the family with whom her own family has had traditional rivalry. Rusty inherits not only the wrath of the family, she also inherits the decades old rivalries, and she inherits their pains, their anger, their hopes and their dreams. And all hell threatens to break lose.

The novelty of this serial lies in the exploration of the way and life of pastoral and feudal Punjab. A Punjab on the verge of change and desperately trying to ward off the western influences, Punjabis desperately trying to hold on to their quaint cultural idioms, their ethos, their unshakeable belief in the hierarchy of social classes. The people who hate passionately, who love passionately, who live passionately, who will passionately defend what they believe is right and at the same time in a fit of passion will throw all the above mentioned passions out of the window and sacrifice themselves with the same passion.

Casting :Somya Tondon, Beena, Kanwaljeet Singh, Pavan Shankar
Director: Rajesh Sethi

Telecasted Monday to Thursday at 9 pm . Watch online on SonyTV via JumpTV.

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