Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Vaidehi - Ek Aur Agni Pareeksha

Vaidehi, is the story of a 21-year-old young, spirited girl, who comes from a middle-class family without any grand ambitions. This young girl had small dreams---of a loving husband, supportive family and a small house to call her own. Things change when she marries Aryavardhan, scion to a big business empire.

One day, out of the blue, in a true fairy tale-like fashion, Vaidehi’s parent’s receive a marriage proposal for their daughter from one of the richest families in the country-the Jaisinghs. Her family could not believe their luck. For everyone who gets to know about the alliance it is going to be a fairy tale wedding, but Vaidehi is apprehensive. She wonders what is the reason that Aryavardhan ,who could get any rich and affluent girl in the country, must ask for her hand. Her family and friends tell her that she is the chosen one and she must just happily get in to this marriage. However once she sees Aryavardhan he sweeps her off her feet. The story is about how she falls in love with Aryavardhan and tries to adjust to an environment completely different from the place she was born and brought up in.

She goes through the wedding, a true fairy tale wedding. With stars in her eyes and dreams in her heart , she enters the corridors of Jaisingh mansion, where away from her knowledge lies a dark secret. On her wedding night, she realizes that the wedding was a fa├žade. It was not in any way a fairy tale ending…but the beginning of a nightmare. She finds herself trapped in this marriage.

Vaidehi’s life comes to a standstill. She has to go through the ultimate test … the Agnipareeksha!!! What is the secret that lurks within the corridors of Jaisingh mansion? What happens when the truth unveils before Vaidehi? Whom does she turn to for support? Or does she have to fight a lone battle for herself? Will she ever find true love? The serial is directed by Pawan Sahu.

Cast: Pallavi Kulkarni, Sachin Sharma, Manav Gohil, Aroona Irani, Kiran Kumar

Telecasted at 9.30 p.m (Monday - Thursday)

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