Thursday, November 16, 2006

Drama on Set Asia

Kaajjal - Sabbki Aankhon Mein Basi

Kaajjal is a cute and fresh story of a chirpy young girl Kaajjal from Mussourie who is looking for her knight in shining armour but finds instead Dev……… Dev is a angry young arrogant boy who is full of anger and is unapproachable to the extent that he has become unsocial and arrogant. If crossed he is known to be dangerous as he will go to any extremity to get back. Kaajjal is a RJ in a local radio station in Mussourie and is the apple of everyone’s eye.

The lord Ganesha, Gannu Bhaiya is her best friend and Kaajjal often shares her secrets with the lord. Fate brings Kaajjal and Dev together in Mussourie; where there should have been love there was hate. Kaajjal and Dev are initially always involved in a game of one upmanship where they always try to get the best of each other Kaajjal and Dev are two people who never want to meet each other ever again in their life ……and yet they do. The story takes us through Kaajjal’s journey with Dev….. Till death lays its icy cold hand on Kaajjal.

Survin Chawla plays the young and chirpy Kaajjal, Apurva Agnihotri plays the obnoxious and arrogant Dev and the beautiful Rati Agnihotri plays the role of Naynatara, Dev’s mother. It is a show that will entertain and involve audiences with its unique storyline. Smart twits and turns in the story and good drama promise to captivate and excite the viewers.

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