Friday, November 17, 2006

Set Asia From India on JumpTV

Bigg Boss: A Reality Based Show
Bigg Boss is a real drama like you have never seen before.

Bigg Boss, a powerful and god-like entity will rule the lives of 13 handpicked celebrities from various fields. He will make them do things that you could never imagine and show you a side of them that you have not seen before. This unscripted soap will entertain you with its unadulterated drama, raw emotions, genuine laughter and so much more. Bigg Boss shows you LIVE drama as it happens.

Each celebrity enters the house with 1 suitcase. They have to prioritize their needs and pack everything that they will need for 3 months. Once they enter the house, Bigg Boss will not allow anything from outside into the house without his permission.

The celebrities will have to cook, clean, sweep the floor, etc. without any help from maids, assistants, cooks, etc.

There is no make-up artist or stylist to help them look their best on television. They have to fend for themselves.

So tune it to catch up with all the fun, excitement and thrill live on JumpTV

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